Enduring Engineering

This is an ongoing project to provide Aboriginal Engineering knowledge through online and storytelling formats for use in developing curriculum and to share the knowledge with interested community members and groups


Engineering has been part of the Australian landscape as long as humans have walked here.

For the first 60,000 years or more, Aboriginal engineering practices shaped the landscape, enabling sustainable living environments in a manner closely attuned to the needs of the land. In the last 250 years, a very different form of engineering has been imposed on the land, generating wealth, growth and employment, but at a high cost to the natural environment.

Recent enquiry into Indigenous technology has revealed these early engineering practices to highly sophisticated and able to support large communities with minimal environmental impact.

As Australia struggles with the effects of rapid climate change and urban population growth, practices that support sustainable development are vital for our continued environmental stewardship and our relationship with the land.


First event was held with  Elyssebeth Leigh from UTS Education, at the Royal Society of the Arts, see http://www.rsaanz.org.au/BookingRetrieve.aspx?ID=66299

We are developing a book to guide those who wish to engage with engineering projects, as a guide and support for knowledge gathering and sharing

Also some of this introduction information, and the community projects that people can contact, are being gathered on a mobile app – Enduring Engineering. This is being developed at the Software Development Studio at UTS where students are working with the clients Elyssebeth Leigh and Cat Kutay to develop a suitable app. This will then be tested for community use

We are grateful to Julia Prior from UTS School of Software for this service provided by the Software Development Studio she helped set up and run each session

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